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Welcome to the enchanting realm of "The Thunder Dragon," where Bhutan, known as Drukyul, beckons with its captivating blend of striking juxtapositions and exceptional serenity. This extraordinary destination invites travelers to bask in the serenity of its landscapes while engaging in business endeavors. Immerse yourself in the living tapestry of tradition and explore untamed wilderness that pulsates with vibrant life.

Divergence + Togetherness

Bhutan is a diverse and culturally rich nation, with a harmonious tapestry of ethnicities, all proudly embracing their Bhutanese identity. As you explore this enchanting land, you'll encounter Tshanglas in the eastern regions, Ngalops in the western areas, and Lhotshampas in the fertile southern foothills. Additionally, you'll meet a mosaic of other distinctive groups like the Bumthaps, Khengpas, Brokpas, Bramis, Kurtoeps, Doyas, and Monpas. Within Bhutan's borders, you'll hear a symphony of nineteen languages, including English, which is utilized in the Bhutanese education system. This peaceful Buddhist nation embodies deeply ingrained values such as compassion, inclusivity, and hospitality.

Legacy + Advancement

Embracing our heritage with pride while forging a prosperous path forward. Our historical narrative is a captivating blend of ancient tales and recent events, intricately interwoven to create a rich tapestry. Nestled amongst the towering peaks of the Himalayas, Drukyul, known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, remained undisturbed for centuries, nurturing distinctive traditions and lifestyles. Today, our gaze is firmly fixed on the future, as we channel our efforts into investments in education, technology, and infrastructure, positioning Bhutan as a prominent global player.

Royal + Democratic Governance

Uniquely sovereign and firmly committed to democracy. While our land has a millennia-old history of habitation, our status as a nation is relatively modern. Our journey continues to evolve: our nation was unified four centuries ago, our monarchy has a century-long legacy, and our democratic system is just 14 years old. We've consistently upheld our cherished independence, unwavering dedication to our nation's growth and well-being, and maintained friendly relations with the global community.


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